About Paul Cooper

As a human being you've probably experienced...

  • A Relationship Withering Away Until You're Faced With The Dreaded Break-up Conversation.
  • Disengaged Colleagues Failing To Buy Into Your Vision So Your Career Comes To A Stand Still.
  • The Pursuit Of Money Seizing So Much Attention, Yet You Still Don’t Have “Enough” And Still Fear Running Out.

What's the root cause of these very different symptoms?

Power dynamics. Forces that sculpt our relationships and take hold of our attention, often outside of our awareness.

Paul’s penetrating insight into these commonly misunderstood dynamics allows him to guide his clients towards a life of vibrant romance, true wealth, and heart-driven influence. In negotiating new terms with life, they give up the need for control in exchange for the experience of embodied presence. This frees their attention from persistent fears and anxieties so they can relate to their life with enhanced clarity and freedom.